To report an absence: Call 503-825-5310 or email

Student Absences Notification

Regular attendance is expected of all students. Parents who keep their children at home on a school day should call the office between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. If we do not hear from a parent by 9:30 am, the absence reporting system will contact the parent. Please call our 24‑hour student absence line at 503-825-5310. With parents’ cooperation, we can assure each child’s security.

When reporting a student absence on the attendance line, please include the following information: Student name, parent/guardian name, student’s teacher, date of absence, reason for absence and a phone number where the parent/guardian can be reached.


The school day starts at 7:55 am. Students will be admitted to class after 7:55 am with a tardy slip given by the school office. Tardy students are a disruption to the learning process for the tardy student and the other children in class. It is essential that all children arrive at school on time and ready to learn. The Child Development Office and/or Principal’s Office will address consistent tardiness. A family plan will be developed and submitted to school administration.