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Welcome Back


We can barely contain our excitement for the return of students to the classroom. The building has not been the same without them. We are sharing a few key details that you may need to know before Monday.

Back to School:

March 8th & 9th are orientation days for our kinder and 1st grade classes. Half of each class will attend on each of those days. Focusing on smaller groups to learn new routines and procedures. By now you should be aware of which day your student will attend, if not please reach out to your teacher. If you are joining a cloud classroom you will begin March 8th.

Our 2nd – 5th graders orientation days will be March 15th & 16th, with half of each class attending each day.

Arrival for all grades:

All students will enter the school through their exterior classroom doors (with the exception of Verkamp/Luther – who will enter through the main school doors). Staff will be positioned around the exterior to guide students and parents. Parents are not allowed to enter the classroom and masks are required for all persons on school campus.

School Dismissal (all grades)

Bus riding students will be dismissed at 12:12

Walking students will be dismissed at 12:16

Car Pick-Up Students will be dismissed at 12:20

Tips for Returning to In-Person School:

We have created a document that speaks to things parents can do to ensure their students are ready to begin in-person instruction.