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Supply Boxes


I know it seems really early to think about the new school year beginning in September, especially with the abrupt end to this school year, but it’s time.  We would like to keep business as usual and in doing so, it is time to place your order.  These pre ordered supply boxes are filled with all of the school approved supplies needed for each grade level.  You can order a pre packaged box or at a later date we will post the School Supply List and you can shop the local stores and buy the individual items yourself. 

We are excited to continue our partnership with EPI (Educational Products, Inc) for providing our 2020-2021 school supply packs!  Because we are able to save up to 40% on school supplies from EPI, we are passing on the direct savings to all of our school families.  This helps save time and money while shopping safely.  Please contact Michelle Webb at ustwowebbs@yahoo.com with any questions.  The order deadline for purchasing these supply packs is June 14th.
To order online:
Go to: Educational Products (educationalproducts.com/shoppacks)
Enter school code: MID115
Supply packs will be delivered directly to Middleton and delivered to your students classroom, ready for them on supply night.