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Middle School Helpers
   My heart burst with joy as 11 former "Hamachekians" volunteered in room 24 on their day off from middle school. The sixth-eighth grade volunteers answered countless questions about middle school and shared their wisdom with us.

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Silly Students
   There is never a dull moment in Room 24! You should have seen the smiles as I brought out tiny green hats and green wigs. The kids were quick to wear the new accessories and spread cheer through the school.

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BizTown Election
   12 brave candidates ran for BizTown Mayor! Fourth and fifth grade students gathered for speeches and then all BizTown citizens (fifth graders) placed their electronic vote. Click the link or more pictures.

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Reading Buddies
    World Wildlife Fund:  We symbolically adopted two critically endangered species from WWF. These species typically live in pairs, so we received two of each stuffed animal! Every Friday, four students will take home one of the stuffed animals and a journal. It’s a fun opportunity for students to engage in imaginative play and document the animal’s “adventures” in the journal. The animals return to school on Mondays.


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Spirit Award
    We won the Middleton Spirit Award! Our photo is now on display on the Spirit Board bulletin board.

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Penny's Visit
    For our class behavior reward, I brought in my dog. Penny is a three year old rescue pup from Texas. She loves the visits and the kids enjoyed cuddles and puppy kisses. More pictures are in the link.

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    We are learning about fractions and decimals. To better understand the relationship and common denominators, we emptied out my grandma’s penny jar. She was a teacher for 30 years and would have been delighted by the learning!! Students sorted the money, stacked the coins, collected the data, and presented their findings. Pictures are on the link above.

· 3,895           pennies

· 3,895/100  improper fraction

· 38  95/100  mixed number

· $38.95         decimal/money

 Socktober: Donate Socks!
Did you know that socks are one of the most needed items at shelters? Middleton's fifth grade Leadership Club is hosting Socktober, the annual sock drive. We are collecting socks throughout October and will donate them to a local shelter. Collection boxes are at the school entrance and in Miss Hamachek's room, room 24.   

Hairy and Baldy
     To understand mass, we are weighing two carrots throughout the month of October! Students had a range of predictions, including the mass increasing, decreasing, and staying the same. Stay tuned for more!

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Fun Run
     Middleton Mustangs fundraised and ran to support our school! If they meet their fundraising goal, Mr. Wollmuth has to sleep on the school roof. Click above for pictures.

First Day of Fifth Grade!
     We had a team challenge to build the tallest tower. The simple concept had a twist, there were different sizes of cups and the teams received different numbers of cups. Through this competition we realized that we all need different support systems and strategies to successfully make a tall tower. The same goes for learning, we all need different types of support and strategies to be successful learners. 
Click above for more pictures of our crazy activity! 

First Day of Fifth Grade
    How could we pass up a class picture on the first day of school? We had a blast getting to know each other and look forward to the year ahead of us. Click above for more pictures.