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    The colonial Loyalist and Patriots revolted against the English government. They protested taxation without representation and successfully overthrew the government, declared independence, voted on new laws, and established new currency. Click the link above for videos and pictures.

Surprise Guest

    All year long the students have begged for a special guest to visit. After a long day of testing, Miss Hamachek surprised the class by bringing in her dog, Penny. Penny is a two year old rescue pup from Texas. She is the calmest dog you will ever meet and the students described Penny as having cat-like qualities. Click above for more pictures.

Crazy Hat & Hair Day

    Middleton has earned over 25,000 golden horseshoes! To celebrate we had crazy hat and hair day. More pictures are in the link above.

Click HERE for more April pictures

Author Letters

    Our third letter (out of 30 total!) was written to our favorite author. We were quick to write letters but slow to track down addresses. With some hard work and creative thinking, we finally tracked down all the "fan mail" addresses. We are crossing our fingers for the authors to reply!

Cherry Blossoms

    Middleton is spoiled by having beautiful Cherry Trees on campus! We admired their beauty and painted outside on Tuesday. Click the link above for more pictures of our busy artists.


    We have some snail mail heading your way! Our class is excited to step out of our comfort zone and write 30 letters in 30 days. We are joining the nation wide Write_On movement (click here for more info!). You should have heard the gasps of excitement as we opened the giant box of stationary, fancy pens, stickers, and pencils. All of this was donated by the local letter press company Egg Press. They donated hundreds of dollars of beautiful writing material. I applied and was approved for a grant to purchase 300 postage stamps! USPS will be busy during National Letter Writing Month.


Click HERE for more March pictures

Multiplication Strategies

    Your students had the opportunity to become teachers! They teamed up, created posters, and shared multiplication strategies with the class. Click here for presentation pictures and visit our "Math Help" page for the poster pictures.

Flexible Learning Environments

    One of my yearlong goals is to create a passion for life-long learning. This includes learning outside of the classroom. Yesterday we embraced the beautiful weather and took our writing outside. More pictures are in the link above.

Click HERE for more February pictures.
Click HERE for the BizTown pictures.


    There is no way you're kiddo hasn't mentioned BizTown (a.k.a. the best field trip of the year!). For the past sixth weeks we have been studying business, finance, free enterprise, and preparing to participate in BizTown. Each student applied for a job and played a crucial role in the town. I can't wait for them to tell you all about it. Click HERE for the BizTown pictures.

Valentine's Day

    We had the best time celebrating Valentine's Day and our dear friendships with one another. Students spent hours creatively crafting mailboxes at home and we had a blast handing out our Valentines. We also took a moment to sing Oregon a birthday song on 2/14. Click HERE for more February pictures.

Oregon Symphony

    Our wonderful music teacher, Mr. Sheppard, took us to see the Oregon Symphony at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. We loved every second of it and even recognized a tune from Harry Potter! Click HERE for more February pictures.

Click HERE for more January pictures.

Artist in Resident (AIR)

    Middleton students paired up with a local artist, Maggie Englund. The students first submitted designs for a massive mural that will hang in our school. Today was our second lesson and we learned multiple painting techniques. Our next step will be to rip up the beautiful paper and apply pieces to our mural. More pictures are in the January link, above.


    We were weighed down with our knowledge of gravity! We conducted experiments to test Newton's second law: two items of different weights DO fall at the same rate. We also learned about human error in the experiments and how that impacts data. Click the January link for more pictures.

3-D Poetry

    We spent two weeks studying various forms of poetry and created our own winter poems. The   students constructed 3-D poetry boxes and are bringing them home. Click the January link above for more pictures.

"Class Pets"

    Room 24 fundraised to support two endangered species, the Slow Lemur and Amur Leopard. World Wildlife Fund sent us stuffed animals and these “class pets” get to go on adventures to your homes! Students signed up for a weekend to take home one of the animals. Over his/her assigned weekend, your child will write a journal entry about the animal’s adventures or research other endangered species. This is a fun project that will further our animal knowledge while incorporating imagination. Keep an eye out for our new furry friends.

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 Cozy Day

    The class worked for three months to earn their first party! They voted on a cozy reading day and wore their pajamas. What would cozy day be without our blankets and favorite stuffed animals? The extra surprise was a Jolly Rancher to snack on while curled up with our favorite books. Click the December link above for more pictures.

Click HERE for more November Pictures.

Gratitude Chain

    Fifth grade Leadership Club distributed strips of paper for students and staff to write down what they're thankful for. The club collected the strips and assembled a massive gratitude chain with over 600 links! I am thankful for my amazing students and their families. More pictures are in the November link above.


    We love our second grade class! Today we brainstormed what we are thankful for with our buddies. We then read the books the second graders wrote and were amazed by their artwork and writing. Click the November link above for more pictures.


    We were so lucky to have Timber visit us! He is a three year old Alaskan Malamute and loves to cuddle. Click the link above for more pictures.

Click HERE for more October pictures.
Click HERE for Halloween pictures.

Local Talent

    On Saturday I surprised a student and attended the closing night of his play! Our young actor did a fabulous job in "Seussical the Musical. 

Halloween Party

    Ghouls and goblins gathered as we celebrated a fun holiday! Our class was full of smiles and laughter as the students played minute-to-win-it games, decorated cookies, and made massive cup towers. Thank you to all of the families that contributed and planned this memorable party. Click here for more pictures.


    The Fifth Grade Leadership Club is hosting Socktober from October 1st-31st. Please send in new socks, of any size, for people in need. Socks will be donated to a shelter for women and children and an outreach program for Portland's homeless community. 

Socktober Update: We collected 1,012 pairs of socks during the month of October! The socks will be donated on November 3rd.

Nasty Carrots

    Throughout the month of October we have been weighing carrots and measuring the decrease in mass. Students took turn weighing the carrots and the class graphed the changing mass. The carrots now look like spooky Halloween monsters! In total, the two carrots lost over 80 grams of mass. 

Fun Run

    The Hamachekians ran, ran, and ran! We ran a total of 422 laps, equaling 50.48 miles. That was just in 25 minutes! Thanks for supporting our class and our wonderful school. Click here for more Fun Run pictures.

Math Collaborations

    Two heads are better than one! We worked on math problems using massive white boards and teamwork. Throughout the year I try to “shake up” our learning methods. Click here for more pictures from week two, three, and four.


Thank You 
    Oregon's wild fires have been on our minds during these smoky days. We had a class discussion about how thankful we are for our safety and the hard work of our fire fighters. We spent time writing thank you notes to all of the people protecting our beautiful state.

First Day of Fifth Grade
    How could we pass up a class picture on the first day of school? We had a blast getting to know each other and look forward to the year ahead of us. Click here for more pictures!