Hamachek Homework Policy

Purpose: The purpose of homework is for students to practice skills that were learned in class. Two of these valuable skills include organization and time management. 

Logistics: The homework requirements and due dates are listed below. 
  • Incomplete assignment or left at home: Students may turn it in the next morning to receive partial credit.
  • Absence due to illness: An appropriate extension is given.
  • Absence for vacation: Work is sent home after the student returns from the trip. 

Home Connection (Math Worksheet)
 The Home Connection is sent home after a math lesson. It is due the next morning. Challenges are optional, but encouraged.
  • Students are required to attempt all problems. After attempting it, they will not be penalized for circling a question they are stumped on. We go over questions the next morning. 
  • Students are taught the math skills in class. If the assignment is clearly too hard, have the student look at their math notes and click on my Math Strategy webpage. Please write a note explaining the problem and I will help the student in the morning. Home Connections should not be a major stress point for the students.

Weekly Progress Report (WPR)
*Begins after Back to School Night*
WPRs are sent home on Friday with missing work attached and a note on the WPR. Students return WPRs on Monday with parent initials and the completed missing work is attached. Parent initials are required every week, even if there is no missing work.
  • Example: 
    • Week 1: No missing work, parent initialed, student returned WPR on time
    • Week 2: Home Connection missing, parent initialed, student returned WPR on time with completed missing work
    • Week 3:No missing work, parent did not initial so it does not count as properly returned

Homework Log: 
Homework Logs are every Monday. The logs are graded and sent back home that afternoon and are be due the following Monday. The Reading Log and Math Log are always due. Both logs require a parent signature. Students must properly fill in the logs on their own and ask for parent signatures.
  • Math Log: 30 minutes of practice and a parent signature
  • Reading Log: 150 minutes of reading, book titles and page numbers filled in, parent signature.