*Best way to reach Miss Hamachek:    

*During the school day, email is the best way to contact me, but I also welcome your phone calls.  I check email every morning and afternoon, and as best as I can during the day (kids come first!).

    Link to Special Schedule: 3 Day Rotation
  • Day 1: Library or Technology
  • Day 2: Music 
  • Day 3: P.E. (book return on every other Day 3)

5/15-26: SBAC, headphones

5/25: 5th Grade Slideshow pictures due, submit  pictures via email

5/26: All library books and fines are due!

5/31: Visit the middles schools.

6/1-2: Human Growth

6/2: Talent Show: 9:30 am and 6:00 pm

6/14: 5th Grade Field Day at Snyder Park

6/16: 5th Grade Promotion, Half Day, Last Day!