Daily Schedule

8:00-8:30  Welcome & Opening Activities--math and language warm-ups
8:30-9:05 Writing
9:05-10:15  Reading
10:15-10:45  Theme:  Science, Social Studies, Health
10:45-11:15  Specials (see below)
11:15-11:30  Read Aloud
11:30-12:10  Recess and Lunch
12:10-1:05  Math
1:05-1:20  B.E.A.R. Time (silent reading)
1:25-1:40  Recess
1:45-2:10  Closing Activities

Day 1A & 1B:  Music
Day 2A & 2B:  P.E.
Day 2A:  Library Books Due
Day 3A:  Book Checkout
Day 3B:  Technology
  **A monthly schedule of the Days Schedule will come out new each month*