This year we are using Bridges in Mathematics, a K–5 math program that will help us meet the new standards and make math meaningful and exciting. In first grade, students focus on addition and subtraction, place value, and shapes.

Throughout the year they: ❚ Add and subtract with numbers to 20, including with story problems
❚ Become fluent with addition and subtraction facts to 10
❚ Count to 120 and learn about place value (ones, tens, hundreds)
❚ Identify, sort, and draw shapes
❚ Fit shapes together to make other shapes, solve puzzles, and talk about fractions

When you are helping your child, the math might sometimes seem unfamiliar or different than you remember, but there are many ways you can help!
 ❚ Invite your child to talk about the math by asking questions like, “Did you do a problem like this at school? How did you think about it?”
❚ Focus on the pictures. Bridges uses visual models to make the mathematics accessible to all learners. Talking about the pictures is a great way to get started. Ask questions like, “What do you notice about this picture? Where do you see the numbers in this picture? Can we use the picture to help solve the problem?”
 ❚ Get more information and ideas about how to help your child by visiting this website for families: