Newsletter #3 10/28/12

Newsletter #3 10/28/12

Volunteer Background Checks
Thank you for being patient with all my emails this week.  The volunteer background check can be a little confusing, but it is necessary for each parent who helps out in the classroom or on a field trip to have this completed.  I will be checking to make sure all of our field trip chaperones are cleared for the upcoming trip this Friday.

Halloween is an exciting day in Kindergarten!  All children are allowed in ½ day Kindergarten to come to school in costume.  This is optional...some kiddos prefer not to dress up and that is fine!  All parents are welcome to attend our class parties.  No younger siblings, please. :)  Here are the times and a few reminders:
AM TIME: 8:45-9:45
PM TIME: 1:15-2:05
-no masks, accessories, or weapons
-make sure costumes are easy to move around in and that your child is able to use the restroom if needed independently
-let me know if you have any questions :)

Field Trip
Our field trip to the Oregon Children’s Theater to see Duck for President is this Friday, November 2nd.  All children (both AM and PM) and chaperones must be at school by 8 AM.  All chaperones are required to ride the bus.  I will be giving chaperones their groups, going over some brief directions, having chaperones take groups to the restroom, and helping the children load the buses.  Buses leave promptly at 8:30.  We will returning to school at noon (or as close to that time as possible).  All children are to be picked up at noon in the classroom.  Please send your child to school in comfortable clothing, with a coat (no umbrellas please), and with a full tummy.

Our second week of reading groups was successful.  I have already tweaked my groups a bit.  They groups are flexible and I will move kids as needed based upon skill and personality.  All alphabet letters have been introduced.  Each week we will go back and hit each letter in more detail.  Last week we revisited Mm and this week we will review Ss and Rr.  Our first high frequency word “a” was introduced.  I call these words “popcorn words” because they pop up in reading all the time.

I have been reinforcing with the children how to write their first names properly...first letter uppercase and all the other letters lowercase.  We will begin practicing writing our last names correctly later in the year.

Parent Reading Group-My parent reading group last week involved reading a book called Pumpkins and then doing a follow-up writing lesson based upon the book.  Children wrote a sentence: Pumpkins by the _________________.  They had to write the last word and spell it as best they could pulling out sounds they heard in the word.  Another parent group was on fire safety.  Kids read a Scholastic Reader, talked about how to “stop, drop, and roll” and did a fire sequencing lesson.

Independent Reading Group-Children practiced writing the letter Mm, made a fireman puppet, and completed an activity on bat facts.

Learning targets are a big emphasis in our direct instruction.  Letting the children know the goal of the lesson and what skill is to be learned is important in them taking ownership and responsibility for learning.  This week I introduced a learning target with the children when using dice for a math lesson.  The children said, “I can recognize the dots on a dice and know the number and how it is written.”  

We have been using ten-frames in class to help develop an understanding of the numbers 1-10.  Not only do we learn how to form the number, but we learn to show what this number looks like on a ten-frame using dots.

Next week I will begin having the children “sign in” in a new way.  I will be asking a question and they will put their name card on the yes or no section of the graph.  This is an easy and fast way to incorporate learning into another part of our short time together.

Have a wonderful upcoming week and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!