Childhood and Family Life
        • Ms. Allred was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee but moved to Tigard when she was six years old.
      • She has one brother younger brother named Scott.
      • Ms. Allred began teaching at a very young age when she decided to line up her beanie babies and create curriculum and activities for ALL her stuffed animals.
      • She adores animals. Currently, she has a cat named Teddy. Growing up she has had three labs and even a pet cow named Rosie!
Free Time
  • Ms. Allred loves the outdoors. Whenever possible she goes to her family's ranch to get a taste of life "off the grid".
  • She loves cooking and trying out recipes.
                • Ms. Allred also enjoys playing sports whether in the water or land she is always willing to try something new!
Teaching Experience
  • Spring of 2015, Ms. Allred had the opportunity to substitute at Middleton.
  • Last year, she student taught third grade at a bilingual elementary school as well as an arts focused elementary school in first grade.
  • She has been fortunate to tutor kinder and 1st grade students in reading at University of Oregon's Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • Ms. Allred has volunteered providing intervention in
    a variety of classrooms ranging from Kindergarten to 4th grade for many years. 
  • Ms. Allred attended University of Oregon for her undergraduate degree (GO DUCKS)!
  • She earned her Masters in Teaching at the University of Portland.
  • Her mom and dad are Portland State Vikings and her brother is an Oregon State Beaver (makes for some great family rival :) ).