Class Information

Mrs. Charles

Grade 3

Room 21




Email is an excellent way to reach me. I do not always answer my phone during school hours,
so if you have an emergency or a change in your child’s destination, please
call the office.

Email will be my main source of communication with families.  If you have not received a newsletter, then I do not have your email address!


Arrival and Dismissal

School begins at 7:55. Children are allowed in the classroom at 7:45.  If your child arrives prior to that time they will need to wait in the cafeteria until a monitor releases them.  Please do not wait with your child in the hall or pod area.  This is an opportunity for your child to learn independence and self-confidence by being allowed to walk to the classroom on his/her own.   

Teachers walk students out to designated pick-up areas at 2:15. P.M. Please do not come to the classroom to collect your child.  If you need to pick up your child early we will send him/her to the office to meet you.

Attendance Line: 503-825-5310


Change in Transportation/ Dismissal

The office must be notified if your child has an alternative destination. Please provide a written note or call the office by 1:30. PM. Do not call the classroom or e-mail me, as I may not receive the message before dismissal.

 Front Office: 503-825-5300


Schedule and Specials

We are on a 3 day schedule: Day 1 is music, Day 2 is P.E., and day 3 is 3a library 3b technology. I  Please make sure your child wears comfortable shoes on PE days and returns their library books when they are due.


Snack and Water Bottles

 We will have time for a snack every day.  Please send your child with a snack that is healthy and one they can open independently.  Snacks will not be provided. Water bottles are allowed and encouraged. Please send in one with a push close top to prevent potential spills.  Popcorn Friday is a school fundraiser provided by the Middleton PAC. Each Friday kids receive a bag of popcorn for 35 cents. You may for the whole year.


Our students are taught school wide and class room expectations that follow the “Be Respectful, Responsible and Safe” guidelines and are encouraged to be responsible “Self -Managers.” I use positive reinforce consistently throughout the day using verbal acknowledgement, Golden Horseshoes and table points and students are very responsive. However, our 2nd graders sometimes “forget” to always follow the expectations.  The appropriate behavior will be re-taught in a positive way. If the behavior continues, or a student continues to make poor choices, the student will fill out a Think Sheet, which they will bring home to discuss with you. It will need to be signed and returned to me. This is an opportunity for your child to reflect on their choice and plan for improvement.

Friday Folder due weekly

Your child will also bring home a colored folder every Friday.  This folder contains completed student work, school and district news, and weekly homework.


Friday folders are due back to school Friday of the following week.  



Most reading instruction takes place in small leveled reading groups.  Students will be assigned to groups based on assessments and observations.  Groups are flexible and students are assessed regularly and will be moved if necessary. We use a Lucy Caulkins inspired writer's workshop for narrative, opinion, and persuasive writing.


This year we continue to teach using Bridges math program and Common Core Math Standards. Our focus areas are operations and algebraic thinking, measurement and data, multiplication, fractions, and geometry.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with concerns, successes, problems or solutions.


I look forward to a great year working with you and your child!