Classwork/Homework Policy

Each Monday, students will have a homework log.  This log includes daily reading, math fact practice, and keyboarding practice.

The homework log is due the following Monday.

On this activity log, you will find:
Reading-150+ minutes each week
Math Fact Practice--20+ minutes each week
Keyboarding--20+ minutes each week

In addition to the above requirements, 2-3 nights a week, students will have math homework which is due the next day.

"WOW Wednesday" will take place on Early Release Days.

On Friday, and in your child's Friday Folder, you will find a weekly progress report listing the work that has not been turned in or was turned in late.  All missing or late work is to be turned in the following Monday.

For everyday that your child is absent, they have that many additional days to complete their classwork or homework.