Weekly Homework

Reading Practice - 150+ minutes/week

The reading expectation for 4th grade is to read a minimum of one chapter book per week (equivalent of 150 pages).  Students are expected to record their reading minutes and pages read on their reading log, each time they read.  

To support our reading curriculum, students should be reading 30 or more minutes each night.

Math Fact Fluency - 20+ minutes/week

Students should work to achieve multiplication/division fact fluency through 12’s.  They can choose any online timed fluency practice, printed practice sheets or flash cards.

Enrichment Options

§     Read all of the OBOB books and plan to participate in the competition.  Create a google slideshow study guide for your favorite ones.  

§   Find a book from a genre that you wouldn’t normally select, read it, and write a summary.

§   Do a science project.  Pick a topic that you want to investigate, make a hypothesis, and do an experiment to prove it.  Write a report on your findings.

§   Research something that interests you and do a presentation to the class.  The project could be a speech, power point / google slides, model, poster, etc.

§  Grab a restaurant menu and pretend you’re going to go out to dinner with 3 friends.  Make a list of what everyone might order including drinks, appetizers, meal, and dessert.  Find the total cost.  (Don’t forget to include a tip of 20% of the cost of the meal.)

§   Pretend you and your family are going on a one-week vacation to somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going.  Research the types of activities that you can do there and make an itinerary (plan) for what you would do on this vacation.

§   Write a children’s story similar to one you’ve read before.  Pick a theme (something you want to teach your audience) before you begin.  Make it into a book complete with illustrations and share it with the class and/or a sibling.

§   Design your own survey question and ask at least 20 people their opinion on your topic.  Using that information, create a pie chart, line plot, or bar graph either on paper or the computer.  Present your finding to your friends and/or the class.

§   Choose an OBOB (Oregon Battle of the Books) book and create a brochure or other type of advertisement to entice others to read the book.

§Select an artist that interests you.  Look at multiple pieces of their work and create your own piece of art that is similar to their style.

§   Write your own play about friendships, good sportsmanship, or a favorite picture book.  Find friends to act out the parts, practice, and turn it into a video to share with the class.