Brent Mangum
5th Grade Teacher
Middleton Elementary School



Greetings Sherwood Families!
I grew up in Beaverton and Tigard and attended Beaverton and Tigard school districts. I graduated from Tigard High School in 2007. After graduating High School, I moved to Corvallis to attend Oregon State University (go Beavers!). I graduated from OSU in 2012 with my B.S. in Chemistry/Biochemistry.

I then attended Lewis and Clark's College of Education program, graduating with my M.A.T in 2018. I student taught 5th grade at Willamette Primary School in the West Linn Wilsonville school district and loved the whole experience of being a teacher. 

In June of 2018 I was hired on to teach 5th grade at Middleton Elementary! I was ecstatic to learn that my lifelong dream of becoming an educator had finally come to fruition and at such a wonderful school. 


Core Beliefs:

I have several core guiding principals that my pedagogy emerge from, they are:

Learning occurs best when the students confer among each other and workshop together. True epiphanies and "aha moments" are rarely delivered by myself, rather they are discovered by the learner and the community they inhabit. I make use of workshop time in my classroom!

I believe in equality, equity and social justice. In my classroom we will discuss the principals of social and racial justice to ensure a more tolerant society.

I believe that kindness matters. I strive to be kinder than necessary!


I grew up with a younger brother, who is 18 months my junior. He is married and lives with his wife near Seattle. My parents continue to live in Tigard and my father continues to practice medicine in the area as an internist. He has been practicing medicine for over 25 years.

My parents both grew up in Southern California, where most of my extended family still lives! 

Hobbies/Interest/Fun Facts

One of my favorite hobbies is trail running. Running on a trail during a bright summer day is perhaps where you may find me the most at peace. I love to register for Ultras and Marathons and compete against myself to improve my timing and stamina. 

I love to create and play music. My guitar and ukelele are instruments that I continue to practice on and have fun with. I also love to play with a drum too.

My favorite arcade game is Skii ball! I cannot pass up the opportunity for a fun game of skii ball. I am also a big fan of the Legend of Zelda series, the games really captivated me as a child, especially when I was a 5th grader.

Another thing I love to do is travel! The countries I have visited so far include France, Netherlands, Brazil, and Japan. In the future I hope to visit Africa. 

I have a collection of the periodic table. While its not complete, I do own over 35 unique elements such as galium, bismuth, uranium, niobium, tungsten and many more. I'll bring many (school appropriate) elements into the classroom for some fun hands on learning. 

In high school I was very into wrestling! I was the Tigard High School district champion in '07 and placed 5th in state in my 140 lbs. weight class.

Real Life Mario-Kart through Tokyo 2018
Mt. Fuji 

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