Welcome to the 2018/2019 4th Grade school year!

Monday-Friday- Read daily for 30 minutes and Practice Multiplication/Division facts for 20 minutes throughout the week. 
Suggestions for working on math facts: IXL.com, flash cards, download apps. on your phone/i-pad! 

*Homework is due Every Monday*

What's Happening in November....

Mark Your Calendars!
11/19-11/23- No School Thanksgiving Break
11/30- End of first trimester
12/3- No School

Daily read aloud- Currently we are reading the book Wonder. We are almost finished with the book and my hope is that we can watch the movie together as a class. Movie permission slips will be going home closer to that time!

Math- In math we are working on a bunch of different things. For instance, we are working on measurement conversions in volume (gallons, quarts, pints, cups), elapsed time, and multiplication and division with remainders. 

Reading- We are working on character development, summarizing stories, envisioning/predicting, making mental images in our head when we read, and comparing/contrasting two different texts

Writing- We are just going to start our Narrative essay. Students will be writing a narrative while citing two non-fiction sources to enrich their writing. We will be taking this essay through the entire writing process. 

Social Studies- We just started our big Social Studies unit on Oregon Native Americans. This unit will be cross-curricular and will overlap in writing and reading! Students will also be working in small groups while working on projects and practicing our major three standards! 
1) Be on task
2) Be Kind
3) Solve problems! 

Scholastic Book Orders- Go home at the beginning of each month! It helps promote positive reading at home! 


Mrs. Palmer
4th Grade Teacher
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